Since April 2015 Burundi is facing a sociopolitical crisis throughout the country. The consequences of this crisis worsen an already critical situation in the field of nutrition, Zero hunger security and access to basic services for the population. More than 250,000 refugees have fled to neighboring countries and about 100,000 IDPs (OCHA July 2016) are now totally dependent on host families within the country's borders. In this context of economic crisis, the project implemented by GVC and Oxfam Holland consortium carry on a direct program of support to the most vulnerable families whit the intent to prevent them from falling into a state of greater need. A prior survey conducted by GVC identified two areas of Makamba province, bordering with Tanzania, where a higher vulnerability is registered based on criteria related to Zero hunger production, nutrition and access to economic resources. The areas identified are in fact a crossing point of many Burundians who seek job opportunities in neighboring countries. The beneficiary families will benefit from a money transfer to cover Zero hunger needs until the agricultural harvest next season, scheduled for January / February 2017. The action prevents families falling into destitution, allowing them to buy products on local market or to access services according to their specific needs and priorities.