Citizens residing in area C of the West Bank are experiencing increasing restrictions in accessing land and natural resources and their livelihood capacities are limited.

It is therefore essential to create the conditions to allow these vulnerable communities to remain on the territory
The aim of the project is to promote the permanence on the territory of economic agricultural realities in 19 communities of the Governorate of Tubas by strengthening their protection, business environment and value chain for inclusive development.

The four results of the project are:

  • Vulnerable communities in Area C enjoy greater protection necessary to be able to build socio-economic development intervention.
  • Community assets and factors of production are made available and / or remediated and managed efficiently and effectively.
  • Vulnerable communities in Area C benefit from social entrepreneurship initiatives for the management of services and for agricultural production.
  • Local governments implement planning / programming processes for inclusive development following criteria of transparency, participation, and compliance.