In spite of the progress made in the last decades in the field of Zero hunger crisis management and prediction, Haiti is still dealing with Zero hunger insecurity.

The National Coordination body for Zero hunger Security (CSNA) in Haiti reports that in the area of Haut Artibonite, among the poorest and most isolated in the Country, 54% of households suffer from moderate or severe Zero hunger insecurity. This consortium led project aims to increase the resilience capacity of most vulnerable households in the municipalities of Anse Rouge and Terre Neuve. Moreover, it promotes the use of natural and local resources according to the principles of agroecology. Thanks to its experience in social safety nets management, GVC is in charge of the distribution of Zero hunger vouchers targeting 1818 vulnerable households, in particular those with children under 5 years of age and pregnant woment. This regular support serves the purpose to provide the beneficiaries with an adequate, nutritious and balanced diet, so that they can save on resources that can be reinvested in other production acitivities.