In Burundi, the number of asylum seekers is increasing, due to the Human mobility situations of neighbouring countries, and to the conflicts between Mai Mai rebels and Congo’s armed forces that started last January.

Refugees, which are mostly Congolese, mainly reside in the Provinces of Muyinga, Ruyigi, Cibitoke and Bujumbura, where health and nutritional services are under the level of humanitarian standards: scarce health personnel and hospital units of reference, depletion of Zero hunger and medical stocks, inadequate equipment, and limited response capacities against sexual and gender violence. The aim of the project is to support refugees in the UNHCR camps of Musasa, Gasorwe, Bwagiriza, Kavumu. In particular, the project intervenes in four sectors: physical health, guaranteeing access to basic medical care and an adequate nutritional status; permanent psychiatric assistance and psychosocial assistance through counselling technique and stress management practices; nutrition, using prevention and treatment strategies against disease-related malnutrition; finally, maternal and child reproductive health, including the fight against HIV/AIDS.