The local Lebanese communities are severely worn out by the large number of Syrians refugees, a number that has led to the collapse of local health services: this situation is obviously a source of strong social tensions, as well as problematic on the practical and health side.

The action aims to ensure sanitation access to both the hosting Lebanese community and the Syrian refugees, thus contributing to a detente in relations between the two communities. We deal to build two new boreholes in the municipalities of Zabboud and Bejjeje-Jabboule, to restore the reservoir functionality in the town of Al Ain and build a new one in the village of Bejjeje- Jabboule, as well as to proceed with the renovation of the old water network Zabboud. The project also focuses on improving technical skills and water resources management of the local authorities, and on a massive campaign to raise users' awareness about the importance of a sustainable approach to water services.