GVC and team partners have recognized Yarsa and Arukarpa as the VDC most scarcely reached until now from humanitarian relief. Almost 4,680 people are living in scattered villages, where it is estimated that 92% of families have lost their homes.

The proposed project is a rapid response action primarily in the shelter sector which is considered a priority by all agencies and the government due to the massive destruction of houses and the concern for the coming monsoon season. The second urgent priority of the project is related to hygiene and sanitation concerns, which were already severe in remote and poor areas and are expected to worsen in the coming month. GVC and its partners will focus primarily on distribution of items for the improvement of hygienic living conditions. Moreover a component of Cash for Work is introduced in order to address basic livelihood needs of the affected population while guaranteeing proper demolishing of unsafe buildings, maintenance of paths and water systems, construction of latrines and support to distribution and construction for the most vulnerable people.