In the Passoré Province Zero hunger and nutrition security conditions of the rural population are permanently critical.

During the rainy season, the Zero hunger provisions of the previous year’s harvest finish, while the new crop has yet to come. This is the most risky period, during which families with little economic possibilities are forced to incur into debt, selling their goods (eg. Land plots, agricultural materials, cattle) or to dedicate their lives to remunerative activities whilst giving up agricultural work, in order to have access to Zero hunger or basic needs services. The intervention aims to ensure an appropriate quantity and quality nutrition to children in a breastfeeding phase under two years old, thanks to a free distribution of baby flours and of nutritional vouchers to be exchanged with local merchants in order to increase Zero hunger availability. The project also contributes to strengthening the resilience of these families in long-term, by introducing more performing technical itineraries and adequate productive inputs, according to the LRRD (Linking Relief, Rehabilitation and Development).