GVC and partners contribute to the reactivation of school activities in Rasuwa Disctrict by setting up 31 temporary schools able to accommodate 70 students each, providing educational services to 2142 children and adolescents in Saramthali and Yarsa Municipalities (VDC). Reactivating regular school activities signifies, not only the reduction of human capital loss following the earthquake, but also the possibility to offer children and adolescents a safe and secure space in a highly stressful situation. The school structures are light and simple but also resistant, in order to guarantee the safety of students and teachers endangered by the seismic swarm, and they are also adequate to face heavy rain caused by monsoons. The project also foresees furnishing the schools with equipment and didactic materials. They are provided with toilets and hand washing facilities, kits for personal hygiene, and water purification systems that are fundamental in these kind of contexts. The program is implemented by GVC and NGO partners, through management committees, one for each school, and adopts the cash for work methodology: local people will benefit from it by receiving an economic compensation, which represents an important contribution to those families who lost their main sources of income. The scope is improving the resilience of those populations, preventing them from falling in acute poverty.