Since 2016, WeWorld has been operating at the Italian-French border in the city of Ventimiglia, where men, women and children are blocked and cannot continue their journey towards northern Europe.

Since then we have started an intervention of assistance for migrants and asylum-seekers in transit, so that human rights are guaranteed for every person.

We provide legal and social assistance services and even distribute primary goods, when necessary. We provide support for 100 people a month on average, helping them understand Italian and international regulations especially when it comes to applications for asylum. Over the years, the routes of origin of migrants have changed - the route via sea has recently been replaced by that through the Balkans.

Our team also monitors the rejections beyond the French border together with the various organisations that safeguard the rights of migrants on both the Italian and French territories. Overall, our programme has provided assistance to almost 3,000 migrants, 800 migrants only over the past year, 30% of which were women and almost 200 were under 18 years old.

An important part of our activities is the dialogue with the local authorities and with the local population of Ventimiglia. Moreover, workshops have been created, over the last year, for the schools to promote knowledge of the complex migratory phenomenon.