Pan-European campaign to mobilize youth citizens and glocal authorities in the fight against climate change 

People and Planet is divided into two lines of action: 

The first includes awareness raising, active citizenship and empowerment activities targeting young citizens, perceived as change-makers for a mobilization on climate change and sustainable lifestyles, equipping them with digital communication tools to spread and raise awareness among their peers.

Starting in the second half of 2021, the pan-European campaign #WaterOfTheFuture aims to raising awareness of 59 million European youngsters on the challenges and behaviours related to climate change and water scarcity. From this campaign, several other activities will emerge focusing on the full spectrum of the SDGs: street actions, roadmaps, advisory councils, activism labs, surveys and exchange programmes.  

The second focuses on the qualification and improvement of local decision-makers capacities so local authorities can strengthen their role of dissemination of good-practices and sustainable lifestyles among their communities. 

Capacity-building, training and experience-sharing activities, based on dynamic methodologies for non-formal education and on the use of innovative communication tools, will be addressed to policy makers. In this way, the project aims to create a structured and sustainable coalition of Local Authorities and Civil Society Organisations that will work together towards the information and mobilization of its citizens regarding climate change and sustainable lifestyles, for the achievement of SDGs.