What is your revolution today? What are the most important questions you would like to ask the European Parliament? How do you think social change should be supported? For what cause are you willing to commit yourself in Europe?

The My Revolution project invites young Europeans to reflect on these questions, taking as a starting point the analysis of the movements and protests related to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Opening the debate are workshops and meetings, carried out in collaboration with schools and youth centers, involving sixty young people between 15 and 25 in each country, to collect reflections and proposals formulated in the various territories.

Then, during two international conferences, more than 80 representatives of the young people involved in the four countries will meet to discuss the requests and to write together The Manifesto of Young Europeans.

During a roundtable at the European Parliament in Brussels, 20 young people will have the opportunity to present it to the European parliamentarians, at the tables of the European Commission and the permanent representatives of the Member States.

The appointments of MyRevolution 1989

  • Infoday of the project, 9th of April: online webinar addressed to educators and teachers with the aim of presenting the project and listening to the experiences of previous editions.
  • National workshops, April 2020: Online workshops on web radio, photography and video with young people from Bologna. The artistic-expressive forms are the tool of non-formal, participatory and interactive education.
  • National conference, 11th of June 2020: online meeting  dedicated to the workshops participants to elaborate concrete proposals to address issues of the country. The day includes the online meeting of the young  Italians with the Slovenes ones.  
  • First Virtual International Conference, 15th-17th of July 2020: interactive workshops, debates and exchanges, with the participation of groups of youth representatives who took part in the activities in the four partner countries.
  • Second International Conference in Vienna, 24th-27th of September 2020: the exchange of ideas and opinions of groups of youth representatives continues with the collective drafting of the “Central European Manifesto”. 
  • Advocacy Seminar and Round Table at the European Parliament, Brusselles, 26th-29th of September 2021: conclusive phase of the process, with the presentation of the Central European Youth Manifesto.