The project “Changemakers for Climate Justice. Youth in action for climate justice" aims to strengthen the skills of teachers and young people (changemakers) on climate justice and sustainable development, with the aim of spreading awareness and knowledge of these issues among civil society thanks to the activities carried out by the same changemakers involved in the project.

The climate crisis is a global crisis and a lot still needs to be done to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda and reorient social and economic models towards environmental sustainability and social justice. Given the importance of achieving the SDGs, and in particular Goal 4 (Quality Education), Goal 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production) and Goal 13 (Climate Action), this project aims to promote knowledge and awareness about the ecological transition and climate justice, thanks to the initiatives conceived and implemented by young changemakers.

To do this, the project operates on the three axes of Global Citizenship Education: formal education, non-formal education and informal education. In the school environment, the goal of the action is to strengthen the educational practices of teachers - through training courses, the creation of a digital guide and spaces for discussion - to support and provide students with skills to act as changemakers for climate and social justice. Furthermore, the capacity for action of young people will be strengthened thanks to extra-curricular activities carried out for / with youth associations and environmental movements in order to strengthen their capacity for action as Multiplier Actors towards climate justice (also changemakers): hackathons, workshops, activism courses. Awareness in Italy will increase thanks to the events carried out by the changemakers themselves supported in the previous phases of the project, with interventions in primary and secondary schools, together with activities carried out by youth associations and events organized in the context of Italian festivals, such as the Terra di Tutti Film Festival in Bologna.