In Tanzania we work at the KIWOHEDE Bunju Center. Established in 2003, it supports vulnerable children and young people from different regions in Tanzania. Its main objective is to protect, educate and empower highly disadvantaged children and young people. The beneficiaries are children and young people aged 10-21 (90% girls and 10% boys). With our support, the Bunju Center helped a total number of 342 - 266 girls and 76 boys – between 2017 and 2021.  

The Bunju Center supports children and young people from poor families, victims of trafficking, modern slavery, forced to engage in prostitution, subjected to early and forced marriages, early pregnancies (young mothers), female genital mutilation and children who run away from home due to physical, psychological or sexual violence. 
This is why - in the lead up to World Day against Human Trafficking (30th July) – we want to give a voice to two human trafficking survivors of the Bunju Center, by telling the stories of Agnes and Theresia. 


My name is Agnes, I come from the Dodoma region. I was trafficked to Dar es Salaam in 2017 as a domestic worker, my employer started exploiting me, until the Good Samaritan took me to the police station where I explained well what happened and they arrested my employer. The police took me to social welfare officials in Kinondoni and later to KIWOHEDE who offered me shelter and enrolled me in vocational education where I learned to weave. I thank KIWOHEDE for these skills as I have not even attended primary education. I also thank all the people who have helped me and advise my fellow youth in the streets to find KIWOHEDE, and parents too. KIWOHEDE is here for all. 

My fellow girls should understand that once you have an opportunity it shouldn't be ignored, for example I haven't even attended elementary school but I'm doing well, , let them use the opportunities to attain their dreams. And let education be free for all, and once they get such education they should help others who are in need and not leave others behind with nothing while you have succeeded. 


My name is Theresia, I am 14 years old and I was trafficked to Dar Es Salaam by a woman from the village of Mtambalili who promised my mother that she would send me to school, but once I arrived in the city I was forced to work as a housekeeper for almost three years without getting paid, I worked for different employers until I was saved by the Good Samaritan who sent me to the police station and then to the KIWOHEDE Bunju Center who offered me shelter, counseling, psychological support and provided to my needs. Now I am studying tailoring at the center.