During the last field monitoring mission, our president Marco Chiesara met on April 26, 2022 with the Palestinian minister of education, Dr. Marwan Awartani. During the meeting, a letter of intent was signed to pave the way to a formalized cooperation agreement, with the aim to continue working together on improving access to education in the different areas of the West Bank and Gaza.

We have been operating alongside the Palestinian population for 30 years to ensure that basic needs are covered and thus enable them to stay, by choice, in their territories. The strengthening of our collaboration with the institutions is crucial to our intervention, especially in light of the current complex situation, with the right to education constantly challenged and the very future of the population affected by it. We are currently contributing to the National Advocacy and Protection Plan launched last March by the Ministry. In the coming months, we will define together the following strategies of this important agreement, in order to support in the best way possible the girls and boys of Palestine.