Side by Side is a documentary that was born from a collective process. The protagonists are not professional filmmakers but people who, through action-cams, have agreed to tell the story of the impact of climate change in their communities in Mozambique.

Climate change is causing an increasing number of natural disasters around the world: in the last year more than 50 million people have been affected by natural disasters.

It is especially the poorest and most vulnerable communities that are paying the price for the effects of climate change.

Among them is Mozambique, a carbon-neutral country that has been hit by droughts, cyclones and floods in recent years.

To respond to the climate crisis and prevent the effects of climate change, WeWorld is working with European Union and local authorities through response plans within the country's poorest and most vulnerable communities. In fact, 75% of Mozambican communities live in risk zones and when a cyclone comes they suffer a lot of damage because they don't know the right course of action.

For this reason it is essential to prepare the communities through the creation of local committees and the realization of simulations, which involve the whole community, from farmers to teachers, from students to parents. This is the only way to prepare and strengthen the resilience of communities to climate change.

Side by Side chronicles these communities' response to the effects of climate change through their eyes.


21' | Mozambique

Supervised by Narvaloo Videocollective - Stefano Cioni / Daniele Lucchini

Produced by WeWorld

Funded by the European Union