Salma Mounir is a 21-years-old woman from Sabha Municipality in Southwest Libya who works as English teacher. She shared some thoughts on her role as a Community Mobilizer working under CERF project.

For Salma her biggest challenge was to divide her time between her role as community mobilizer - which she enjoys the most - and finishing her studies. She wanted to invest every second of her day in awareness work, as she felt as she had the right profile for the job. Indeed, she is open to learn new skills, passionate about making a positive impact and enthusiastic about informing people of Sabha, although the challenge of working in the field, where she has to interact with many people with different points of view, listen to their opinions and convince them with new ones.

Salma also mentioned how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected her daily life, with people who have taken the necessary measures to limit the spread of the virus and those who still do not believe in its existence. She feel the responsibility of raising awareness of the topic: "It made me think about different points of view and how one idea can destroy or build the consciousness of a whole society."

As English teacher, Salma enjoys teaching language and, as a community mobilizer, she enjoyed reaching out to people of all ages, races, classes, and ideological convictions, even when the task is not easy. Salma learned to deal with and embrace diversity.When askedWhy did you apply to become a community mobilizer?” she replied "This is the nicest question I've ever been asked!”, before adding that “Becoming a community mobilizer is not an easy thing, especially for a young woman but my feeling as a community mobilizer makes me satisfied with my life. I am a person who loves to gather and share ideas, explore and research life skills to build the best version I could have one day. "

Through her experience at WW-GVC, she learned to work under pressure, to be flexible, and convey information that some people may not be aware of or may not consider important. “Although the mission was exhausting, the outcome was priceless!” she said.

What made Salma enthusiastic about her job was that the community mobilizer is thoroughly prepared to give her/his best and start a day full of adventures and interesting conversations with the community.For others, the community mobilizer is a routine and repetitive work, but for Salma it has many challenges and surprises that make the work enjoyable at the end of the day. For her, the community mobilizer always ends her/his day with new and different visions.

Finally, she concluded, “I hope that this community realizes the importance of this intervention, which has benefited everyone and changed the society mind-set and its conditions. Such project funded by CERF ensure a qualitative transfer, especially in my community, the continuation of such intensive and comprehensive project, with a variety of activities, is really what we need for a balanced and conscious future.”