We World Statement

15th June, Milan – In March of this year, We World marked the 10-year anniversary of the Syrian conflict, stressing the urgent need to address acute issues still facing Syrian men, women and children both in Syria and abroad. That in 2021, a health crisis spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic, food shortages at risk of leading to mass hunger and food insecurity across the country and the suspension of education for over two million children - not to mention the ongoing conflict that has led to over 2000 deaths as of last year 6.7 million people internally dispersed – are but a number of the crises still afflicting Syrians is nothing short of a total catastrophe.1 The suffering of Syrians remains peripheral to the attention of the international community and now, more than ever, needs a revitalized and concentrated effort to be brought to an end.  

At the moment, We World is committed to a number of interventions in Syria focused specifically on women and children; on needs related to education, protection, water, sanitation and hygiene, as well as the distribution of 1320 non-food item (NFI) kits in preventivo_weworld_5:6 is Der ez-Zor under UNOCHA funding. We World has been instrumental in ensuring that 7,000 children aged 6-19 have access to schooling in 2020, other efforts include the supplying of thousands of children with school materials and the training of teachers to adjust to the challenges of remote learning, among other activities. All in all, We World has reached more than 81,000 people in the past three years, for more information, please read our Syria 10th Anniversary Stuck in Time publication. 

We are proud of ChildFund Alliance, of which we have become the Alliance’s most recent member, for the statement to the Annual Session of the UNICEF Executive Board. Our membership has been pivotal in developing stronger capacities in the realm of protecting and addressing the needs of children worldwide. We join the call to end all violations and forms of violence against children, and to champion an integrated, holistic response that not only guarantees the provision of humanitarian assistance, but actively seeks durable solutions to strengthen the resilience of all Syrians. Their safety and dignity are paramount to a better future, especially for the children in need. Please read the latest Public Statement from ChildFund Alliance for more information. 

For contact:

Giuseppe Russo – We World Head of Middle East & Asia Office
Email: giuseppe.russo@gvc.weworld.it

[1] UN OCHA Humanitarian Needs Overview Syrian Arab Republic, 2021.