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We like to be transparent, so that everyone can know how we use the money that we receive from 30.000 donors to improve the life of thousands of people.

We are present with 41 projects in 8 countries in the World – Italy, Tanzania, Kenya, Benin, Brazil, India, Nepal, Cambodia – and we have helped around 1 million and 800.000 people giving education, health and protection from violence and abuses.

We promote gender equality and women’s rights. An increased gender equality improves general productivity and wellness for the future generations.

We have involved more than 180.000 children by working in 549 schools and developing actions to:

  • guarantee access to education to boys and girls. Everyone has the right to receive free and quality education in a healthy, sure and inclusive environment;

  • promote the participation of boys and girls. Everyone has the right to be listened to, and to freely express his own opinion in all the issues and the decision-making processes that concern them;

  • protect boys and girls. Everyone has the right to be protected from abandonment, abuse, violence and exploitation;

  • assure health to girls, boys and their mothers. Boys and girls have the right to grow up healthy.

Transparency first of all, for this reason we make our budget available to everybody.

Moreover, we have been officially recognized by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, we are partners of the Italian Institute of Donation and we have undersigned the Donor Charter.

If you wish to receive our Code of Ethics please write to info@weworld.it