#TogetherWeBalance is an awareness and fundraising campaign that we have launched online to turn the spotlight on boys, girls and families who are at risk of being left behind during the coronavirus pandemic. We launched the initiative together with Olympic fencing champion Elisa di Francisca. 

Actors, actresses, sportsmen and representatives of institutions have already joined. Their participation shows how important it is for many people that, during the recovery phase, the rights of women and children and families are protected and placed at the top of the agenda, so that women will no longer be alone in keeping everything balanced.

The current Covid-19 emergency is testing many families and those who are bearing the brunt of this crisis are undoubtly women, who are facing stressful situations and are called to reorganize the rhythms of everyday life while carrying the weight of responsibilities and obligations, work, home and family care, school activities management and playtime for children. 

Along with Elisa di Francisca, we therefore decided to launch the #TogetherWeBalance challenge, calling on social media users to post a selfie of themselves holding 5 objects (that symbolise the things that they are holding together while on lockdown and, more generally, during this emergency).

I felt the need to do something to help those who have found themselves in great difficulty right now. I called WeWorld, an organization that I know well and I trust a lot, to take action together,” said Elisa di Francisca.
In this situation of emergency, women are the ones who keep everything on their shoulders. This is why I thought it was right to start from here: from the things we keep in balance in this difficult moment. It is a challenge, that of opening up and showing one's difficulties.

Holding 4 or 5 things alone is not easy,” says Marco Chiesara, President of WeWorld. “Women can no longer be the ones who take on everything, now more than ever it is necessary to create a new balance. We have been working for years to ensure that it is not all on women’s shoulders and, right now, it is important to show that many people are interested in this issue, not only women, not only mothers.

In this emergency we are not all on the same boat, perhaps we are in the same sea, but the boats are different from family to family, from country to country. 70% of the boys with whom WeWorld works in the suburbs do not have continous internet access and do not have PCs and tablets to be able to follow distance learning, most families live in houses that are not adequate for the number of people hosted, parents are not working and are not receiving help, women are the only ones who take care of the management of the house and of children.
In the recovery phase, the most vulnerable are facing the risk of falling further behind, creating an unbridgeable distance.

As WeWorld we work all over the world and in Italian suburbs to support boys, girls and families who, especially in this emergency, are facing difficulties. We believe that, in order to create a new, more stable, lasting and inclusive balance, the Third Sector is a fundamental pillar that can work with insistustions for a recovery phase that has everyone's rights at its heart”, concludes Marco Chiesara.

#TogetherWeBalance is a challenge that WeWorld has decided to launch for all those who are not afraid to show the difficulties and stress of everyday life that, even more so today, is necessary to keep balanced to be able to move forward.

Participating is easy: take a picture of yourself from the waist up and against a white background while you hold five objects. Post it on your social media channels and tag 5 people to do the same.

WeWorld has been fighting for years so that women are not alone while carrying the weight of responsibilities and obligations and try to keep everything balanced. It is also doing it now, during the recovery phase following the emergency.

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