4 films, 7 voices, 3 generations for a continent on the move. Tutti i giorni\Everyday is a web series we produced within the framework of the European project Ciak MigrAction, to promote a narrative of migrations without stereotypes and to contrast the rise of hate and intolerance, in collaboration with Tapeless Film and thanks to the media partnership with Corriere della Sera and La Città Nuova.

The migration topic is not limited to the stories of second generations, or the emphasis on dramatic stories on one hand and success stories on the other. Our continent is rich and intertwined, women and men born in one place and continuing their lives in another, weaving human relationships, professional experiences and political battles. In the four episodes of the series, some of the most important issues of 2020 are addressed in an innovative way: Afro-Europeans’ daily life, the coronavirus emergency, the recognition of citizenship and schools forced to close due to the pandemic. Tutti i giorni\Everyday, written by Kibra Sebhat, reminds us that we are first and foremost women and men, with stories that deserve an honest storytelling. And that we live in a continent that managed to fight hate every time it tried to poison us. Special guest of each episode, the Milanese actor Alberto Malanchino.

"A European story, which starts from Italy and shows the normality of a coexistence that goes beyond news and stories of excellence,” commented Marco Chiesara, President of WeWorld. “To overcome stereotypes and the climate of hatred that surrounds us, it is therefore necessary to put the individual-migrant, their voice and their story at the centre of the media narrative, recognising the other as a person".



Watch the episodes:

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CIAK MigrACTION, is co-financed by the European Union’ s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, and promoted by WeWorld GVC Onlus in collaboration with the Municipality of Bologna, Coop Sociale Dedalus (Naples), Suedwind (Austria), Action Aid Hellas (Greece), Artemisszio Foundation (Hungary).

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