Israel-Palestine conflict escalates day by day: dozens of injured children and women need your help.

In the firts weeks of May, during the month of Ramadan, there has been a worrying esclatation of hostilities, leaving several people injured, especially in the old city of Jerusalem.

Until now, in the Gaza Strip 242 persons are reported dead by the MoH. 66 of them are children and 38 are women. The total number of injured people is of 1.948. Of these, 610 are children and 398 women.

Extensive damage is reported to residential and commercial buildings, schools and infrastructure, including main roads (some of which lead to the hospitals), electricity networks, water installations and agricultural lands.

Several health facilities along the Strip have sustained damages. The risk of Covid-19 transmission increased, considering displaced people seeking shelter inside and outside the DES and the substantial interruption of the vaccination programme.

We need your help to protect Palestinian children and women, providing them with first aid kits, water sanitation kits and giving them support in rebuilding infrastructures.

Picture: Destruction in Gaza following Israeli strike May 2021 ©Photo by Mohammad Libed