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Nancy is a Masai woman living in Narok ,Kenya, she is nearly 40 years old and has 4 children.

Two years ago Nancy became very ill. The village healer tried to cure her by means of herbs and infusions however stomach cramps did not decrease. Nancy was debilitated, lost weight and nobody was able to make a diagnosis of her illness.

Her husband hunting far from the village for several days couldn’t help her. Walking to the hospital was inconceivable because the semiarid region of Narok is far away from the nearest town by several walking hours. We met her when our mobile clinic went in her village to bring medicinal products. Our doctor examined her and suddenly recognized that Nancy had a bad infection and immediately cured her with antibiotics treatment.

Now Nancy is fine and can join again her family.




“I am operating the support desk of Sportello SOStegno Donna  in San Camillo Hospital in Rome.The women arrive at the facility for “physical injuries” and often hide what really happened.

One day Marta comes to our desk, scared, confused. I introduce myself and I try to put her at ease. She begins to tell, crying. The nurse’s suspicion was right: it was not the kitchen cabinet, was his man to hit her.
I inform her  about her rights and what to do to stave her and children from that violent man. Seems quieter, thanks and leaves.

Days go by, the phone rings, it’s Marta “I’m coming to you because I want to give my children and me another chance and to do this I need your help!”.

Anna  operating support desk of Sportello SOStegno Donna  



Right to health is a human inalienable right that, as recalled by OMS , concerns physical, mental and social wellbeing of human beings.

Unfortunately throughout the world many women are deprived of the right to health and access to health service is not guaranteed.

The risk of dying for a woman is higher in southern countries where poverty , lack of adequate health facilities and poor sanitation make it difficult for a woman to cope with disease and pregnancy. WeWorld operates to protect women’s right to health.



Maternal and child health

To guarantee a future for women and children we are committed to give them the needed pre and postnatal care; building, renovating and equipping maternity wards and health centre training qualified healthcare professionals. Our target is to guarantee to every mother the chance to give birth safely, medically assisted and under appropriate sanitary conditions. In addition to material support we develop information campaigns addressed to mothers to contact health centres.



The right to good healthy feeding is a human right unfortunately till now denied to too many people. The problem is not only the possibility of getting food but also the possibility of getting the adequate quantity of nutrients. A woman needs a balanced diet for a healthy pregnancy and to guarantee adequate livelihood to her baby. This is why we support the development of new agricultural techniques and promote the introduction of food with a high nutritional value.



Prevent and fight violence against women

Always in the world women could be victims of violence by partner, ex partner, sons, fathers. Domestic violence hits worldwide one women out of three according with information of OMS (World Health Organization). In Europe every day 12 women are killed because of their gender : violence is one of first causes of death for women aged between 14 and 44 (Source Europe Council). Our target is to make available to every women healthcare to treat wound visible and those deeper and invisible often caused by years and years of pain caused by domestic violence. We support projects to help women in Brazil and in Kenya, in Benin and in Cambodia. In Italy we have open an information point inside the emergency ward of some hospital (SOStegno donna program) where well trained operators in cooperation with hospital operators can listen , cure and address to local welcome network against violence and shelters. However with your help we could do more.

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WeWorld upholds the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989)

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